Login using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn!

How does the login work

Ten commandments 2.0 provides an easy way for you to login using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. By logging in through one of these services you basically tell the service (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) that you trust Ten commandments 2.0.

By using these services we get a simple mechanism to identify you, and you get an extremely simple way to register a user account. This helps us to prevent spammers from entering the site.

If you don't have or don't want to use your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account you will not be able to contribute on this site.

At the moment this is the only way to login. The reason for this is to save time on programming, maintenance and administering the service. We may improve this in the future if the site gets any traction.


We don't use or copy any of your data from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. None of your profile data, connections or other information will be made visible to others. The only exception is your profile image and your name/user name.