Can we, the people of the world together, create a new version of the Ten Commandments, a new version that is more relevant for the 21st century?

Log in and add a new commandment/guideline or vote on the ones you think have the best potential to make the world a better place.

Why this site

This purpose of this website is to experiment and learn how online crowdsourcing can be used to advance morality and ethics.

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Everyone has a voice on this site regardless of ethnic or religious background.

If you are offended by this site you have our sincere apologies. In the name of science we wanted to perform an experiment out of curiosity.

Why do we need commandments or guidelines at all?

Many non-believers argue that they do not need anyone telling them what to think or do. — Morality is common sense. "Do what you like so long as you harm no one" is a typical rule by Atheists.

True morality is based in maximizing "happiness", but happiness is hard to measure, and we cannot escape the common faults of human thought, and the chaos of reality. These things combined makes it difficult to predict how certain actions will affect your own happiness and the happiness of others. "Rules of thumb" or guidelines can therefore be helpful.

About the original Ten Commandments

Want to know more about the original Judaic and Christian Ten Commandments?

How to rate guidelines

You have probably already figured out that you can rate guidelines and the list of guidelines will be sorted by the highest average rating.

So you may now ask, how on earth should I rate guidelines? What criterias to use etc.

This is completely up to you. Many use this rule of thumb; The top most rated guidelines are those that I think will have the greatest potential for making the world a better place. With making the world a better place we might mean reducing suffering and increasing well-being for sentient beings.

Who are we

This site is developed by Roy Lachica who got the idea after having seen the Atheism 2.0 TED talk by philosopher Alain de Botton.

If you find this site interesting you might also like our project (under development) Koios.org - a website for collaborating on solving complex societal problems.

Community rules

Spam, jokes, obviously immoral, erroneous or misleading content and religious or political propaganda will be deleted without notice.

Profanity, swearing, cursing, dirty words, bad or adult language will be removed without notice.

We do not allow guidelines without reason. Statements such as "Commandment x should be followed because our Christian God says so" is not accepted on this site. This site is for all people of the world, independent of your religious background. See United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18. "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion".

It's free and open

The content created by our users is free for everyone. You can copy, edit and redistribute it however you like. However we would appreciate if you mention or share our site.

Open Knowledge

The site was launched December 25.th 2012.